Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Where Is The World’s Silence Taking Kashmir Issue?

If there’s one issue regarding Pakistan that has reached the ears of UNGA and is being talked about globally, its the Kashmir issue. And it is not a trivial or negligible one. It is one of the biggest humanitarian crises that the world has witnessed.

The most worrisome problem with Kashmir's issue is that violence and genocide are being promoted on a national level. The whole Indian nation is standing by their government and force on this decision except a few.

While the whole world knows and protests are being held, India is unbothered and continues with its barbarism.

Imagine how helpless and scared you would be if you know that someone’s outside your door with so much hatred for you that they could kill you for the slightest wrong move. And the world would do nothing to stop it.

Would you sleep at night? Would you eat well? No! This is why it's a serious matter but the world has yet not responded to the cry of help Kashmir and Pakistan have been raising against it.

Imran Khan has gone to so many levels and used so many platforms, just to get the message across. And he is still on the mission to stop India from such violence. He is also trying to make the world realize that it is finally time to take a decision for the Kashmiris.

The president of Pakistan went to UNGA and addressed the issue. However, as big as the impact should have been, there wasn’t much done to change the status of Kashmir. Not many prominent measures have been taken against it. Hence, Pakistan has no choice to still explore more options for a way out for Kashmir.

It has been two months since the article 370 has been dissolved and a total blackout is being observed in Kashmir. However, India still refuses to take back the action and has denied all claims of violation of any human rights there.

Well, the biggest threat comes in the picture when India refuses to stop the atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims. Because the next step to it would only be war. Pakistan is not going to ease in and accept the genocide.

Now, this war is not going to be a regular one. It will be a war between two nuclear nuclear-armed states. It wouldn’t be the smartest one but it would be the one taken under the worst circumstances. Pakistan will not accept the oppression of a huge majority of Muslims.

There could be many reasons why no country wants to mediate the talk between India and Pakistan. But the consequence could only be one and it's huge. If the world doesn’t speak up now, there wouldn’t be much to do later.

Imran Khan has already warned the world that Pakistan is ready for the defensive fight.
“There is no God but and we will fight.”

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