Monday, 23 September 2019

Kashmiris Will Be Heard Via PM Khan Who Arrived At New York To Address UNGA

Justice is just a word with no reality in today's world. This is exactly the perception building up in many innocent nations going through the humanitarian crisis. The ones who have been struggling for their rights for ages. Sacrificed numerous lives in hope that one day it’ll pay off. One of these nations is Kashmir. They had been fighting for years to at least safeguard their right to life. But there was no one to hear their voice.

However, recently the new Pakistani Prime Minister after witnessing the cruelty in his time of the ruling has decided to become the ambassador for Kashmir. And represent them in the world. His aim is to get Kashmiris the right that they have been seeking for decades. Protect them from the evils of the Indian armed forces and government.

So to fulfill that aim PM Khan has landed in New York to address the 74th session of the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA). The visit is entirely centered on Kashmir. He will enlighten the world with the humanitarian crisis that is taking place in the region. The PM has been making efforts to highlight the injustice that India is leading in Kashmir with the dissolution of Article 370. And complete blackout for more than seven weeks.

PM Khan would also attempt to bring in light the resolution that was signed seven decades ago concerning the disputed territory. It was presented as a peaceful way out of the dispute. However, it has never been entirely enforced in the region.

As in this session, the general assembly will be talking about world peace and tranquility, it is the most suitable platform to bring the issue to the world’s attention and internationalize it. The meetings with the leader will further add more weight to his aim. One out the all will be the most effective if turned out as planned which is the second meeting of PM Khan with Donald Trump.

On his 7 day visit to the United States, he will be participating in high-level summits at the UN on climate change, universal health coverage, sustainable development, and financing for development. However, his main focus is on representing the voice of Kashmiris.

He also shared his concern about the deteriorating situation in the occupied Kashmir with Saudi Arabia on his visit saying that he will demand actions against it at the UN.

He will deliver the address scheduled on Friday, September 27 to 193-member Assembly where he will share the perspective of Pakistan on the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir and the violence of human rights taking place in the disputed land. Also, drive the world’s attention to how the world’s biggest democracy is treating people. The people who are their own citizens.

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