Wednesday, 24 July 2019

PM Imran Khan Rejected Any Concept Of Nuclear War Between India, Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday rejected the concept of any type of nuclear war in between Pakistan as well as India, stating his country would quit its arms and ammunitions if its eastern neighbor did the same.

In an interview with the Fox News, the prime minister responded in affirmative when asked "If India said we would give up nuclear weapons, would Pakistan? "Yes, because nuclear war is not an option. And between Pakistan and India, the idea of nuclear war is actually self-destruction, because we have two and a half thousand-mile border."

"Also, I think there's a realization in the subcontinent and there was some incident that happened last Feb and we again had tension at the border. An Indian plane was shot down in Pakistan," PM said during mentioning Indian aggression over the eastern borders. For more news about Pakistan click here

He informed Bret Bier of the Fox News that it was this very 'realization' he asked President Trump to play his role. He stated the USA of America was the most powerful country worldwide "the only country that could mediate between Pakistan and India, and the only issue is Kashmir."

PM said, "the only reason for 70 years that we have not been able to live like civilized neighbors, is because of Kashmir." The United States President Donald Trump in his meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Oval had actually provided US mediation on the 70-year old Kashmir disagreement between India and Pakistan.

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